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Eugene Superfreeze

Running an eco-friendly ultracold logistics complex, Eugene Superfreeze has secured technology to operate a warehouse with recycled energy from LNG base’s thermal energy at a temperature of as low as -162 ℃, which will otherwise be abandoned in the ocean, instead of a traditional cold warehouse solely powered by electricity. It can save energy by more than 70% compared to the use of electricity. It is conceived as an eco-friendly warehousing business because it can save the natural environment around the LNG bases.

Eugene Superfreeze has also stepped into a pilot project by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to build a logistics complex with cryogenic refrigeration.

It is currently working on the development of a 400,000 MT superfreezing logistics complex based on a state-of-the-art convergence energy technology.

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Eugene EnLAB

As a specialized company for environment and renewable energy businesses, Eugene EnLab is focused on the construction of biomass-solid refuse fuel power plant, LNG fuel cell, organic waste bio gas production facilities and so on in response to the shift in energy consumption such as coal-free and nuclear-free.

It has secured an approval for the construction of 9.9 MW combined heat and power(CHP) plant using biomass in Incheon and is promoting ‘Low-Carbon Smart Green City.’ Pursuing 100% energy independence in the industrial complex, it is also implementing a LNG fuel cell business in Pyeongtaek. In the area of energy recovery from organic wastes, it was also selected for the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ project to recover energy from livestock excretions and played a role in the production of renewable energy from livestock manure. It is also striving to become a global company by securing technologies for biogas energy recovery facilities through global partnerships with the world’s renowned companies.

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Eugene EnerFarm

Eugene EnerFarm was established in January 2013 in response to the increasing importance of power storage devices because of the changes in energy use and the development of new and renewable energy such as solar power and wind power. In accordance with the battery energy storage system (BESS) business that uses secondary batteries, Eugene EnerFarm specializes in renewable energy, smart grid, and energy solution business.

Equipped with ample experience, reliable global partners and various product lineups, Eugene EnerFarm is recognized as the best partner by customers, particularly because it has created differentiated packaging technology and high-efficiency energy storage. It will help create a better world by creating optimal solutions in the field of environment and energy.

Great Innovation , Great Company
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